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FORERUNNER is a light mobile manipulator designed to perform PWR SG inspections. It is adjustable for different tube sheet configurations and inner tube diameters.

Key features:
  • integrated machine vision
  • fully automated optimal movement
  • power supply: AC 110/220 V, 50-60 Hz
  • air supply: 5-8 bar
  • operating voltage: 48 V
  • total weight: 18 kg
  • reaching 197 tubes without repositioning-inspection time reduced
  • working with double guide tubes
  • pneumatically actuated grippers with total loading force 4x1700 N at 5 bar pressure
  • self-leveling function- permanent contact with the tube sheet
  • fail-safe logic
  • a single cable connection
  • air and power hazard proof manual unlocking system for emergency lowering
  • installation/de-installation time less than 1 minutes
  • adjustable for various tube sheet configuration
  • operating on horizontal and vertical tube sheet orientations
  • easy decontamination
  • combined with various modules for SG inspection and repair